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Education contains elements of knowledge, skills,and attitudes that are integrated into the creativity andpersonality of students. It is necessary to improve thequality and quality of education that can be channeledthrough achievement. It is to improve students’ abilityand to test intelligence, the Blue Feather program isimplemented as a form of organizing competitions inthe field of knowledge. Moreover, it is also to developthe Binus SPIRIT Value, especially Striving forexcellence and Teamwork.

Soar to Explore, Achieve Even More


  1. To improve student knowledge skills andachievement in academics and evaluate theirweakness.
  2. To build students’ social skills to achieve theirpersonal best.
  3. To increase student skills in building a new networkwith other schools and develop student awareness inapplying respect and fairness in a competition.

Date and Venue:
Date : 23-27  October 2023

Venue :
Binus School Simprug, 8th and 9th floor
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda Kav, G – 8
Jakarta Selatan 12220
Tel. 021 724 3663

Participants : SPK and non-SPK school (EY – HS)